The Digital Museum discussion

What a month for museums. We’ve said goodbye to #museumsblogs week and hello to #museumsweek. On the horizon is #MW2014, approaching with the determination of the Flying Scotsman. What better time to start a museums-related blog?

I’ve been a digital geek for years. Since I played my first MS-DOS game with my family when I was six, through to playing a GameBoy, exacerbated through using ICQ to talk to friends, compounded by using social media to share thoughts and connections. The past 25 years have been one giant, exciting avalanche of digital technology. And in all that time there’s one unifying factor for me – using digital technology to experience a sense of connectedness. (Even when that connectedness is beating my sister at Kirby’s Dream World on the GameBoy, or scoring my first goal against my brother on FIFA 97. We’re a competitive family. A charming trait, I know.)

Walking one million years with one step at the American Museum of Natural History

Walking one million years with one step at the American Museum of Natural History

Becoming a museum geek happened much later. I’ve always loved going to museums, of all colours and stripes, gazing at their unique objects, contemplating whether a lightbulb flicking on and off fits my personal definition of art, feeling insignificant as I take a step along the life of cosmos. But it wasn’t until I started my current job that my curiosity and love for all things digital combined with a genuine interest in using digital technologies to make museums more accessible, more interesting and more exciting.

That’s the spirit in which this blog is begun: a way to express and discuss ideas on digital technologies, a means to share thoughts, a place to share examples of great, innovative digital practice, and a place to learn from others. And that includes you! Unreservedly and undoubtedly that includes you, whatever your experience, job or age. Although this blog has a museological slant, everyone experiences and interacts with digital technology, and your ideas about it are valid whether you’ve set foot in a museum or not.

Thanks to Museum Minute and The Museum of the Future for their work on #museumsblogs week which gave me the kick up the backside needed to start this blog and an insight into the amazing community of museum bloggers, and to Museum Geek, who’s blog is always interesting and a great source of inspiration. I’m looking forward to attempting to reach your giddy heights of blogging excellence!


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